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In this book, The Science of Subtle Energy, we describe many experiments that prove the existence and influence of a force that—according to the current scientific paradigm—does not exist. We have seen that plants grow better when they get water that has “nothing” in it. We have seen that people who are too sensitive to electromagnetic radiation to use a cell phone can use such a phone with a “piece of plastic” attached to it. We have shown that it is possible to reduce the stress levels of animals, who are not susceptible to the placebo effect, with a treatment that modern science considers ineffective.

These experiments were carried out rigorously and following accepted scientific standards. It is true that these experiments should be replicated at statistically significant sample sizes; however, we have enough compelling evidence for the existence and practical uses of subtle energy for any seriously open-minded scientist.

How Does Subtle Energy Work?

We may not yet know how subtle energy works, but we do know that it works. Remember, it is a fact that aspirin can take away a headache by inhibiting prostaglandins. We can observe its various effects, such as catalyzing enzymes, but still, we do not know exactly how aspirin causes these reactions in the body. That fact does not stand in the way of the widespread, undisputed acceptance of aspirin in society.

The experiments we have described show that subtle energy influences life on all levels: systemic, cellular, and genetic. Subtle energy is truly a life force. And yet, it is a force that has been denied. We are not talking about assumptions and hypotheses being ignored; we are talking about a lot of hard data being rejected. Some of the experiments we have described were replicated more than fifty times!

On A Course Toward Self-Destruction?

That ongoing denial brings up a major question at a critical moment in the history of humanity. In many ways, human civilization is at a crossroads with itself. There is no other species that, in an ongoing and massive way, exhibits behavior that directly undermines the very fundaments of its existence. We appear to be on a course toward self-destruction.

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I argue that we cannot progress as a civilization, even as a species, without the understanding and knowledge of subtle energy. And, importantly, most of this knowledge is not even new. It is merely a rediscovery of the wisdom all ancient traditions and cultures possessed.

Subtle energy interacts with consciousness. It is universally present, but it acts individually. It works not just with modern technology and equipment but with human instruments as well. To put it simply: it is impossible to explain the 96 percent of the universe that governs everything with a scientific mind-set that only understands 4 percent of reality.

Changing and Improving Our Lives and Society

It may very well require the emergence of a new species of humans with much higher levels of awareness to fully access the 96 percent. We need a new paradigm where spirituality and science can meet and where advanced meditators and groundbreaking physicists are the same people.

In the meantime, however, we can investigate and use subtle energy enough to fundamentally change and improve our lives and society. We can move forward much faster and safer with more effect and without detrimental side effects. 

“We cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them,” said Albert Einstein. Such new thinking can begin with accepting the workings and influence of subtle energy in the same way we accept aspirin. The simple acceptance of the existence and influence of subtle energy opens the door to many practical applications.

Practical Applications of Subtle Energy

When thinking about practical applications for subtle energy, three fields stand out: health, environmental pollution and food, and energy. Let us begin with addressing the opportunities subtle energy has to offer for health and healing.

1) Health:

We know that Western medicine is good at critical interventions. There is no better system to repair a broken bone or to cure a life-threatening infection. However, today, in most of the world, most of the diseases are chronic conditions. In most of these cases, the best Western medicine has to offer is to treat the symptoms. But, true healing can only happen at a systemic level.

In every health decision doctors make, 96 percent of the information is missing. Another problem is that all the drugs of the pharmaceutical industry that do something good invariably also do something bad—the so-called side effects. The beauty of subtle energy medicine is that it never produces harmful side effects. The worst that can happen is that an energy does not work, because it is the wrong energy for that particular patient.

In the past twenty years, at Vital Force Technology, we have started building a comprehensive system of energy patterns for support of well-being on all levels: physiological, psychological, mental, and spiritual. These patterns are quickly and efficiently capable of decreasing stress—one of the biggest causes for any disease today—or reducing pain, helping the mitochondria to thrive even in a poisoned environment, or supporting the brain to function normally in the presence of electromagnetic radiation, and so on.

Through the years, we have worked with health care professionals, medical intuitives, and meditators around the globe, and we have tested dozens of subtle energy formulas infused into trace minerals, oils, crystals, metals, cloth, and other materials. These formulas contain a wide variety of energy patterns, from gemstones and waterfalls to prayers and specific patterns directed by spiritual healers.
Some of these patterns cover physiological issues like digestion and the immune system. Other patterns address physiological and mental issues like self-acceptance and forgiveness.

Energy Medicine Tools for Most Conditions

With more resources, our system of energy patterns for comprehensive well-being can be greatly expanded to include energy medicine tools for most conditions. The opportunity is massive.

A solution with the energy pattern of a molecule—without the actual molecule in it—can be as effective as the real thing. That means that we can create effective medicine without the need to deplete natural resources. We can record and reproduce energetic formulas that can be used forever at a fraction of the ridiculous costs of modern health care systems.

Today, people may travel to faraway places to visit extraordinary healers who are able to initiate miraculous healings. We can record the energies of these healers. That means that their healing powers can be made available to everyone without the need to travel. It also means that the energies of these healers, beyond their lives, can be preserved forever. Imagine fifty-five-gallon drums with a solution containing a particular energy pattern that can easily be shipped around the world to provide healing to millions of people wherever they need it.

The Most Powerful Healing Energy

Here is another example of the “out of the box” opportunities that arise when we accept the practical uses of subtle energy. Love may very well be the most powerful healing energy. Human beings can express and radiate love. The subtle energy of love can be captured and reproduced.

The sand of the Middle East can be infused with the energies of peace and love. As far-fetched as that may sound, our experiments offer compelling evidence that such approaches and applications work. There are simple and subtle ways to reduce the anger, frustration, and stress in society.

2) Environmental Pollution and Food:

A lot of the health problems in the world are caused by environmental pollution. We have polluted the lands with vast amounts of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. As a result, the food is polluted with chemicals and lacks essential nutrients. At the same time, the atmosphere has been polluted with ever-increasing electromagnetic radiation from cell phones and other modern technology.

Environmental pollution and radiation interfere with natural systems, including human bodies. The pollution disturbs ecosystems and energetic programs and makes humans more vulnerable to aggressive bacteria and viruses. Ultimately, health is a result of harmony in nature and all living systems.

Through subtle energy applications, it is possible to restore harmony and improve systemic health. We have seen experimental proof of the influence of subtle energy on gene expression. This influence explains one of the major mechanisms of epigenetics, the study of biological mechanisms that turn genes on and off.

We have described experiments that show that subtle energy patterns improve germination and the growth of plants. More research in the areas of pollution and food will lead to even more opportunities to improve the health of people and planet.

3) Energy:

Today, nuclear energy comes with the problem of radioactive waste. Dr. Xin slowed down the decay rate of radioactive elements.

Do these experiments show that it might be possible to clean up radioactive pollution? Theoretically, that should be possible. Subtle energy surrounds and influences all physical matter.

We may never find such a revolutionary solution. However, one thing is clear: we will only find out if we spend our resources on ongoing research that begins with the acceptance of subtle energy as the essential life force of our universe. More opportunities that today seem (highly) improbable will arise if we seriously turn our attention to subtle energy research.

From time to time, claims of free energy devices keep showing up around the world. It is very likely that these experimenters and innovators have found ways to access the subtle energy field. Today, we cannot explain how the pyramids were built or how places like Stonehenge were constructed without the use of modern technology that was not available in those prehistoric times.
The only reasonable explanation is that our ancestors were able to use the forces of nature in ways that we have since lost. It is the only reasonable explanation because we know that these ancient cultures referred to the life force—by whatever term they used—as the central force of their existence.

The Road Ahead: The Emergence of the 96% Iceberg

There is a long road ahead of us. Our research, so far, touches only a tip of the 96-percent iceberg. Far more research needs to be done. More experiments, like the ones we have described, need to be done to find more practical applications to support health and well-being.

We are looking for collaboration with all researchers, groups, and organizations interested in further research of the effects of environmental energetic pollution on living organisms, as well as the development of subtle energy-based tools to counteract the negative effects of environmental pollution.

Interestingly, given the very characteristics of subtle energy we have discovered, some of that research may turn out to be quite different from what we are used to. In that respect, I would like to refer to the groundbreaking research that was done by the two spiritual teachers Annie Besant and Charles Leadbeater in the early twentieth century.

Besant and Leadbeater used a meditation technique that today we would call remote viewing to precisely and accurately describe the elementary particles in the atom. It took billions of dollars and almost a century to build a machine—a particle accelerator—to confirm their findings.

Turning Our Attention to Subtle Energy Research

The research of Besant and Leadbeater is far from easy. It requires spiritual discipline and rigorous training, but it does not require billions of dollars. The most important ingredient for groundbreaking research is the open scientific mind that the world of subtle energy, so far, so desperately lacks.

I hope that the detailed descriptions of our research in this book will inspire scientists to join our mission to explore what we cannot yet explain and understand. At the same time, it is my wish that this book speaks to the layperson interested in finding better ways of healing. There is an opportunity in 96 percent of the space around us to make our world a healthier and safer place. It is a vast and exciting opportunity that we cannot afford to ignore.

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BOOK: The Science of Subtle Energy

The Science of Subtle Energy: The Healing Power of Dark Matter
by Yury Kronn, with Jurriann Kamp

Sharing the results of his rigorous, repeatable, and predictable experiments with subtle energy, the author looks at the possible mechanisms of subtle energy’s interaction with physical matter and with the human body. He shows how the mind interacts with matter by means of subtle energy—giving us the key to understanding the placebo effect and extrasensory perception as well as the healing power of affirmations and energy medicine.

Kronn demonstrates how it’s possible to harness subtle energy and explains his development of Vital Force Technology, which integrates ancient knowledge of the life force with modern technology to generate specific subtle energy formulations for practical applications. He presents his experimental results creating subtle energy formulas to positively influence the germination of seeds and the growth of plants. He also demonstrates the possibility of using subtle energy for creating clean and energetic-pollution-free environments for vitality and better healing.

Outlining the many benefits of subtle energy technology to individuals, societies, and the planet as a whole, Kronn reveals how the transformative power of subtle energy arises from the vast potential of human consciousness.

For more info and/or to order this book, click here Also available as an Audiobook and as a Kindle edition.

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Yury Kronn, Ph.D. (1935-2021), was a world-renowned scientist, inventor, and leading theoretician in physics. He earned his doctorate at Russia’s prestigious Gorky University and was awarded a Doctor of Sciences degree by Lebedev Physical Institute of Moscow. The coauthor of Resonant Nonlinear Interactions of Light with Matter, as well as the author of more than 80 scientific articles, he was involved in subtle energy physics research for the last 30 years of his life.

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