The Ray Of Remembrance: Opening the Doors to Joy and Healing
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You have chosen to come upon this earth from many diversified energies. In this melting pot that you call America, you have chosen to extend your energies to flow with one another.

In this flowing and ebbing, you blend together many nations and beliefs. In these beliefs, you experience one another; and in this oneness you become the whole. Even in this oneness, you all have felt the loneness and the pain of separation of self, separation of family, separation from whence you came. Many have put this ache out of their minds because it has caused so much pain. However, in trying to forget, you hurry and scurry to run past your present and future.

Now is the time for the ray of remembrance to open these doors and bring the light of remembrance to you once again. In this remembrance your soul shall leap for joy. The tears will no longer be tears of sadness but tears of joy.

You have been promised peace on Earth and the peace shall come forth from the heart and touch you. From this peace, shall come Hopefulness. Like the dawn of the morning, so the ray shall come forth like a golden flame upon the earth. This softening of the heart, where barriers have been placed for cons of time, shall drink of this golden ray of healing. In this healing, you shall see your tomorrows and your past, which has led you to the place where you are now.

An Inner Cleansing

Like the waters that have washed the land of America, so will these waters cleanse the earth from the debris that has held people in fear. In this releasing of negative vibrations, there will come a new spirit on the land - a spirit of freedom. A new strength will take its place, a strength in which you will know you can survive all obstacles. A strength that shall lead all to take responsibility for their own growth, their own lives and their own spirituality. No longer will they have a need to be led by others.

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Each and every soul upon the earth, no matter why they have come during the grand awakening, will carry their own knowledge of who they are and what they are to do at this time. Like the dawn which enters slowly, so shall this remembrance sweep in slowly.

In this awakening, some will decide it is too painful to remember and shall decide to pass on. This pain is the memory of who they really are and the separation from the source that they cannot bear at this time of their evolution.

Many will feel guilt, and will be unable to forgive themselves for deeds they have done whether they were real or imagined. They will want to hide; and the only way that they can think of hiding will be to pass on. They do not realize that all is forgiven and a new slate is being given to each soul in this awakening.

There will no longer be a need to carry old debts from past lifetimes. The books are being closed and the keepers of the books are being excused from their duties.

Each Day Is Another Blessing

Take each day as another blessing, to have a chance to do good upon the earth. Encourage one another, thank one another, love one another. If you think one is a criminal, remember this is the last chance that person has to experience being a criminal. Some have even come here to experience suicide. It is neither good nor bad. It is just an oops. Some will just want to see how it feels. There is no condemnation, no blame.

There is a vastness and a loneness that many have felt for many eons. This void you feel will be filled for many upon the earth plane which will help transcend you to the higher dimensional vibrations.

The holograms sent down through the doorways will be sent to trick many so that they will stay in fear or remain in religious slavery. Do not get caught up in these holograms. Stay centered and feel the energy around the holograms. If you feel a tingling sensation, a dizzy feeling, you will then know that it is a Hologram. Walk away from it, for it is a dream that is being sent to keep the masses down and uninformed.

Take every opportunity that is placed in your path to be of assistance. Love and guidance will always be there at your side. You will not say or do the wrong thing. Each crumb that you throw out is a blessing in disguise.

Drink In The Source

Visualize this. As you see the pink rays in the sky in the early morning, breath in the ray of remembrance and contemplate on its love and the source from whence it comes. Let it fill your heart with love and ecstasy. Peace be unto you.

The above was channelled by Caroline Connor through a being called Pax, which comes through her computer via automatic writing. 

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