The Millennial Miracle: Shifting to the Reality We Desire
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(Editor's Note: While this article is taken from a book published in 1999 and its statistics are dealing with the year 2000, the information presented is still valid and worthy of consideration.)

The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse -- Famine, War, Pestilence, and Death -- will gallop furiously across the face of the Earth, according to a growing cadre of sensationalists peddling their special brand of millennial madness. The sale of fear in bizarre forms is a huge and lucrative industry, and this mythic divide provides a fertile marketplace for doomsayers and alarmists to suck you in.

On most nights, a popular radio or TV program features a maven with an astonishing version of how it's all going to come tumbling down: Pole shifts, colliding asteroids, viruses from outer space, appearances of antichrists, biblical prophecy of apocalypse, photon bands, secrets from the Great Sphinx, reports from the Dead Sea Scrolls, messages from disembodied souls, strange UFO and ET scenarios, new takes on Nostradamus and Cayce, and other brands of end-time hysteria. Each sounds convincing, and each has something to sell.

Yet it won't happen quite like any of this. "Don't worry, be happy," said Meher Baba. We are creating our future every moment. Our fate has yet to be written or sealed.

At the same time, I cannot deny that Durer's horsemen do indeed ride high, though in different fashion than most prognosticator's proselytize. Sanity and truth are becoming rare and valuable commodities in this day and age. Yet we do indeed live in a truly momentous time; a time akin to the people who lived during the birth of Christ.

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The Solution is a Spiritual Solution

Wouldn't it be wonderful if our brilliant scientists using our advanced technology could build a world peace machine, an environmental cleanup and balancing apparatus, a global disease prevention instrument, or a planetary hunger eliminator? Wouldn't it be awesome if the leaders of nations united in a vision of unity and wholeness for peace, health, and happiness on Earth, and implemented their vision using these tools. And wouldn't it be great if the leaders of business and industry came together and operated from their hearts instead of their pocketbooks?

The solution to world peace and most other 21st century human problems, however, is a spiritual solution, not a technological panacea. Surely technology will play a fundamental role. But as the French existentialist Andre Malraux once said, "the third millennium will be spiritual, or it will not be."

So I bring good news and bad news in this regard.

First, the bad news. No mechanistic technology and no amount of money alone will solve these problems. Nor does it appear that any global leader or influential individual or group (though I would love to be wrong) has the vision, the desire, or the compassion to initiate the radical action needed to transform our problems into solutions.

Now, the good news. I know of a technology, which can literally create miracles. God has given us all the instructions on how to create it. In fact, it is presently under construction. It is indeed all of the above mentioned devices in one. And you are a fundamental part of the system.

Humans Are Capable of Manifesting Miracles

The human being is itself, the most extraordinary technology in the universe. Each of us is equipped with a spiritual power which when activated in its purity and clarity, is capable of manifesting miracles. When we join together in silence from our divine light with grand intention, we synergize and multiply this ability. And when millions of people synchronistically merge in a shared vision of wholeness, such a powerful surge of light floods and amplifies the unified field of human consciousness, that miracles fertilize and activate through the collective Mind and Heart of humankind.

This is the LightShift--the hope of the future. The awesome light and love of the collective Heart of humanity will empower and assist all of the other inspired efforts centering on the year 2000 and the millennial year (2000-2001) as a turning point in the direction of civilization.

When Marianne Williamson asked if mass meditation could save the world, the Dalai Lama replied, "if we wish to save the world, we must have a plan, but unless we meditate, no plan will work." A profusion of plans are forming as a springboard for upgrading the quality of human life. We wish to fertilize the unified field of collective consciousness with radiance and love, like a farmer feeds healthy soil, to yield a golden harvest.

The brilliance of mind, the beauty in our hearts, and the divinity of our spirits has equipped us with everything we need to turn the course of civilization around in a more positive direction. The true "pole shift" is a radical adjustment in our values and priorities. This new millennium is the time for this turnaround. If we get our minds and hearts aligned, everything else will fall into place.

Eight Fundamental Adjustments

Here are eight of the fundamental adjustments:

  • We must acknowledge our problems fully.
  • We must think in terms of We, instead of just Me.
  • Humanity must consider itself a global family, working and playing in unity in our diversity and harmony in our variety.
  • Business leaders and corporations must open their hearts and practice compassionate capitalism, where the prime directive of increasing wealth equally considers enhancing the quality of life and maintaining our delicate and vital balances.
  • We must elect and empower enlightened spiritual leaders who use their bully pulpit and our vast resources to invigorate inspirational programs to meet and beat our challenges.
  • Our collective will, imagination, and passion must be ignited so we are inspired to spring into action.
  • We must live with a golden rule mentality where we treat others and Mother Gaia as we would like to be treated ourselves.
  • We must all dig a little deeper and shine a little brighter.

Let's consider this exemplary point for a moment. There are now over 500 billionaires on Earth whose net worth is equivalent to the entire lower half of the world's population. That's right, 500 Earthlings are worth the same as 3,000,000,000 fellow humans!

The United Nations Human Development report of 1997 estimated that the money needed to end planetary poverty was $80 billion over the next ten years--less than the combined net worth of the seven richest men in the world. With the exception of Ted Turner, who committed $1 billion to the United Nations--The Sultan of Brunei, Bill Gates and the rest of the 500 club are primarily busy widening the gap. Consider what incredible good could be done with all the revenue of the tax deductions of these 500 billionaires and other wealthy individuals and corporations invested in a compassionate superfund!

Setting Our Collective Will Toward A Goal

When we set our collective will toward a goal, we are capable of imagineering what seems impossible. We have done this many times before. Here are two examples from history.

In 1960, President John F. Kennedy announced that in a decade we would land a man on the Moon, initiating the Space Race. On July 20, 1969, the Eagle landed, marking "one great step for man, and one huge leap for mankind."

During World War II, the decision was made to develop a weapon, so powerful in its destructive capability, that it would immediately defeat the enemy and end any further fighting. A directive known as the Manhattan Project was initiated allocating virtually unlimited funds and assembling an all-star team of our greatest scientists, physicists, engineers, designers, and builders to create the atomic bomb in the quickest time. The exigency of the emergency mentality fueling the project resulted in the creation of a doomsday device from a theoretical concept by August 8, 1945, when the US dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima.

Waging War on Ourselves?

Now, in the current relative military peace on our planet, we find ourselves in a different type of global conflict, in many ways far more insidious than the previous two, for it threatens our very survival as a species. One might consider that humankind is in a silent, yet deadly Third World War, declared on ourselves through growing overpopulation and unbridled greed. This has taken the form of overproduction and consumption, resulting in the deterioration and destruction of our environment and quality of life. We forgot that "we do not inherit the land from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children." And it may indeed simply be our children's incredible will to live which creates our future.

Since we have waged this war on ourselves, it is also up to us to declare our truce, and establish our peace.

Disregarding decades of warnings for zero population growth, Earth's population is...expected to double by 2050. Population and progress has had the side effect of making Mother Earth very ill, challenging her fragile and balanced ecosystems. The late Jacques Cousteau insisted our seas are on their deathbed, with the plankton and phytoplankton at the foundation of the food chain dying. Our tropical rain forests, the very lungs of our planet, are being eviscerated at a rate which could see them disappear imminently.

The UN says that two thirds of humanity will lack clean fresh water by 2027, about the same time The Earth runs out of crude oil. Civilization's waste gases are destabilizing the atmosphere, and most scientists now concur the planet is warming while the ozone layer is depleting to near cataclysmic levels. I could go on and on, but you are aware of this story, which is not a pretty picture.

Big Problems Need Powerful Solutions

Despite global conferences in Rio, Europe, and Kyoto, only small measures are being initiated to grapple with our plethora of environmental problems. Big problems need powerful solutions. Though the very survival of humankind is at stake, we certainly have no Manhattan Project or Space Race mentality for surmounting these monumental millennial challenges. Though I certainly hope our collective LightShift energy will feed the extra juice to assist the United Nations labors in developing a mighty and enforceable environmental Earth Charter by the year 2000, as well as the hundreds of other inspired activities focusing on the millennium as a turning point toward a brighter future.

For the mystical, mythical, and magical date of the year 2000 serves as an ignition point for the great hope of humanity coming together as one united family, beaming peacefully and radiantly with grand intention. We have the opportunity amidst overwhelming obstacles to make a turnaround from one of the most destructive periods in history, to a new era focused on a brighter vision of peace, cooperation, sustainability, and unity for all. Hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children are already joining in the LightShift first of each month at Noon meditations and prayers all over the world.

Hundreds of inspired projects are focusing on the year 2000 as a birthing point for a turnaround. Like a caterpillar in chrysalis transforming into a butterfly, a radiant energy surrounds the birth of the third millennium. There is fresh hope we will see our children's sparkling eyes greeting the new dawn.

A baseball analogy may be appropriate. It's 6 to nothing with two outs in the bottom of the 9th inning, with Darth Vader on the mound for the dark side. Things are looking pretty grim for the people of planet Earth, when suddenly, the crowd goes wild as Yoda comes to bat! May the force be with us as we swing into action to manifest a millennial miracle.

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LightShift 2000: Let's Turn on the Light of the World
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LightShift 2000: Let's Turn on the Light of the WorldA guidebook for personal and global transformation in the new millennium. Potent formulas and techniques for elevating consciousness during this radiantly charged and prophetic time. The core issues, methods, and information at the heart of imagineering the miracle of the most powerful and postive shift in human history -- from calendrics to cosmology to new technologies, to scientific studies of the unified field. A grounded, inspirational, and prophetic vision of the future.

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